She loves me.

Yesterday Blythe stayed with Brooks for a good chunk of the day so I could have some very much needed me time. Haven’t had that in awhile, and I believe it is very important for a mom to have those times…not only for her sanity, but for her family’s well being. Haha…no seriously.

So anyway, I was out and about having coffee in a cup from a coffee shop, getting a facial, getting a haircut, listening to adult music…all that good stuff. It was so great! And then this morning, I was sitting on the couch with my sweet Blythe and she says, “Mommy, when are you gonna go do stuff again so I can stay with Daddy?” I thought, oh how sweet, she had so much fun with her Daddy. And then she said, “Because he plays with me a lot more than you sometimes do.”

Wow. Honesty from a 4 year old. I immediately start trying to justify in my head why I can’t play with her every second of every day and there are things that just need to be done. We have to have clean clothes, I have to load to the dishwasher, I’ve got things to sew, pictures to edit, blah, blah, blah…and then she interupts my thoughts. She leans into me, cuddles into my arm and says, “Mommy, I love you so much.” And then everything was okay.

And in that moment I heard the Lord say to me, “She knows. You have given her that security to know she is loved. And that kind of security doesn’t just come from one day, but from her 4 years of  life.”

And so I sighed…happily.

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It snowed! We played!

So I never made it back for part 2 of San Antonio.  And I don’t think I will.  I thought about trying to recap some stuff but then I decided…no. 

I am just starting with this past weekend, January 30-31, 2010. First of all, I can’t even believe it is 2010…which my kids say should be said twenty-ten, not two-thousand and ten.  Why?  Because Micha said, and only that.

Now for the weekend: 

It snowed a bunch the end of last week.  I was so excited because I love winter and snow and being bundled and cozy and drinking hot chocolate and warm fires and…you get the idea.  So I was really excited when it started snowing and it kept snowing.  The last time we had a really good snow like this was when Luke was a baby and we were stuck in Dallas.  So anyway, I was happy about it.  School was cancelled Thursday and Friday and we didn’t leave the house until Saturday night for church.  Loved it!

The kids were super excited too!  They played in it a lot.  Friday they played in the backyard, but somehow I missed those pics. Here are the pictures from Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday, we played in the front and made snowmen and sledded down our little slope.  And when I say we made snowmen, Brooks made a creepy snowMAN.

The kids helped for awhile, but got bored so we figured a way to sled…on our swimming floaties.  Great fun!

Sunday we went sledding at Medipark  and had a super fun time.  We had never been before.  Well, the kids had never been before. 🙂  And we tried to be a little safer than when we were younger.  No trains of tubes or sleds.  No pulling behind cars.  Just some good ole sledding fun.   The kids (Luke and Karsen and Brooks) did go on a few jumps where Karsen nearly landed on her head, but she didn’t and is fine, praise the Lord!  But it was a pretty good little flip.

Here are some pics from all the fun!

I mean really, is there anything cuter?  She had so much fun!

I tried to get some cute pics of them sitting on the sled, but Blythe was not too happy about me stopping the sledding to get pictures…

And here are the big kids!

Oh wait, that’s Brooks! 🙂

Karsen had some pretty awesome falls.

I was able to sneak in one pic of me and Blythe that we took while the kids were doing their jumps.  Still not happy about not sledding.

We had fun!

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San Antonio

While I am sitting here at the computer and thinking about it, I am going to post about our trip to San Antonio. 

We had a  great trip!  I just loooovvvve San Antonio!  We went Father’s Day Sunday through Thursday. 

Sunday when we got there we went to dinner on the Riverwalk.  Brooks got to choose since it was Father’s day and he chose steak.  We then went walking around the river.

Here are the kids after the walk. 


The next day we went to the zoo and the Riverwalk again.  I took most of the zoo pictures on the other camera, so I don’t have those here but I do have some from the river.  I wanted to get some good sweet sibling pictures and individual shots of them too. Well, this is what I got.







So not too bad.  But we decided to go to the Alamo and try again.  The Alamo had already closed for the day so we just played outside of it for awhile.  It was still fun.


And I love this one because they are all very distracted by something.


And some more fun pics that I just like. 


Poor Luke. 


And I love this one of Brooks and the girls.


Okay…so there is part one.   Maybe I can do part two tonight or in the morning.  And I mean it this time.


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It’s Magic

Yes I know it has been a really long time.  And I know I say that a lot.  But I know one day very soon I will update this thing and be all caught up and be able to come back and remember all the wonderful things that our family has done.  But today is not that day.  I just wanted to post this great video.  Last week we went to youth camp with our church, and Brooks did a magic show.  I did not video the whole show, but I was able to get maybe the best part.  I hope you enjoy this.  I did.

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Good Story

Okay so it’s been a while since my last post.  And a lot has happened.  And my sweet husband keeps asking me when I am going to post again or if he should just write, “This blog is closed, thanks for visiting.”  And to that I just smiled and said, “I have been busy.”  And that is true.  Probably not any busier than anyone else, but too busy to find the time to get upstairs and post. 

Well today I found the time.  It’s going to be a short one, but at least I did it.

It’s a great Luke story.  Sometimes I wonder what goes on in his head, and every once in a while I get a glimpse.

Luke:  Mommy, why didn’t you name me Rico?

Me:  What??? (laughing like crazy inside)

Luke:  Why didn’t you name me Rico?  I think Rico Boyett sounds really cool!

Me:  Well, yes it does.  But we decided that we liked the name Luke.  All you kids have a Biblical name, and your Biblical name is Luke. 

Luke:  But you also chose it because of Luke Skywalker, right?  Because he is cool.

Me:  (really trying not to be sarcastic) It only made it better.


So there you go.  Thoughts that go on in my sweet Luke’s head.

More to come!

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Today we had Blythe’s #2 birthday party.  Her favorite thing right now is Dora the Explorer, so that was the theme.  We had Dora decorations, presents and a fun Dora cake.  JoJo and Pops, Jason, Aimee, Ellie, and Owen, Meemaw and Pawpaw, and Leta were all there for the fun.  And of course our crew. 

Here is Blythe in JoJo’s lap shortly after hearing Micha tell her happy birthday. 


She really did have a fun party :).

She opened her presents.  And the big kids watched.



And I’m not quite sure what Luke is doing here, but I do like how Ellie is pretending not to notice.


The cake:


Blythe didn’t want to blow out her candle, so Karsen did it for her.


But she did want to eat it.


And she finished out the day playing Luke’s DS.  What a life!


And then I had to go and ruin the fun by telling her it was time for bed.


Thanks to everyone for the fun presents!  She loves them all!  And thank you Aimee for helping with some of the pictures. 

We had a happy party!!

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